Bowfinger Archery offers a full line of archery accessories for your bowhunting, tournament, and target archery needs.

Bowfinger Shooting Staff

   The Bowfinger Shooting Staff was created for the promotion of the innovative product line designed and manufactured by Bowfinger Archery and to further promote competitive archers loyal to the Bowfinger brand. The expectations of staff members are to represent Bowfinger while competing at local and national events and educate other archers on the Bowfinger product line. Bowfinger provides staff members with promotional materials as needed to educate others and will receive firsthand knowledge about newly released cutting edge products.

  To apply for a shooting staff position with Bowfinger Archery, please fill out the application below. If unable to fill out the application please print and mail to us at the address below. Applications will be reviewed for each position and spaces are limited. To be a staff member of Bowfinger you must be a member of one of the following organizations: ASA, IBO, NFAA, NAA or FITA if located domestically. For international applicants please include the organizations you currently hold membership.