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20/20 SCOPE KIT 30mm

Bowfinger Archery Inc


30mm Kit Includes:
  • Scope Housing
  • Lens Base
  • Short Shade
  • Long Shade
  • Peep Ring


    • Pin groove keeps pin straight and fiber behind the pin
    • Nine 8/32 tapped holes for attaching light kit: One angled to intersect center of lens for illuminating a colored dot
    • All 20/20 components are interchangeable with matching threads
    • 5/16 Mounting Slot accepts a hex or square mounting shaft
    • 8 Pin Mounting Positions

    Useful Dimensions:

    •  Short and Long Shade have an outside diameter of 1.6"
    •  Lens Diameter: 1.350"  / Max Diameter Lens: 1.355"
    •   Overall length of kit: 3.5"                                                                                  (Scope housing, lens base, long hood, short hood & peep ring)
    • Inside diameter of scope: 30mm 

    **Filter Kits, Lens & Pin Sold Separately 

    Weight: 2.5 oz


    I’ve used the Bowfinger 2020 scope for a couple of years now and must say it’s the best scope I’ve ever put on my bow! I shoot thousands of shots throughout the year and I’ve never had one problem out of this scope. I love it because it’s built like a tank, 100% American made, and I never have to worry about it failing on me in a high pressure shoot off! It’s another solid piece of equipment designed by great people from a fantastic company!
    -BRADY HEMPEN (Pro Shooter)

    I have been asked why the Bowfinger 20/20 Scope system? It really is simple for Sharon and I...if you look at the machine work and the fit and finish (especially when trying to apply fiber optics through the pin system whether it be a .010", .015" or .019" I have seen no machine work as consistent and easy to apply the fivers as I have with this company's product. I love the fact that everything is so universal where I can apply the lens and shades to either the front or the back.. it is pretty unbelievable and I feel it is the best made today!                                                                                                   -JACK WALLACE (Pro Shooter)

    The 2020 scope is one of the best scopes that I have used. I have really enjoyed using the scope ever since I have had it. The stability of the 2020 scope is crazy and the look of it mixes in perfect with whatever you want to put it on!!!!
    -JASE BOILS (Pro Shooter)


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