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  • NEW Compact, Sleek Design
  • NEW Stronger Positive-Locking Double Clamp System
  • NEW Stronger Hardware
  • Engraved Easy To Read Marking Lines
  • Vertical And Horizontal Adjustment To Any Angle
  • Built In Quick Disconnects (Barrel Nuts Included)
  • CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Anodized Finish
  • Hardware Included
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

10° Angle Down On Front Bar


Weight: 5.70oz


Compatible with all bow models

Bolts to front of bow where stabilizer mounts


 I'm not big on reviews but feel obligated to tell you just how awesome this thing is. I have shot bee stinger shrewd you name side bar/ back bar mounts. Nothing and I do mean nothing comes close to being more secure than this one. I'd give it a hundred stars if I could. -Jesse Donald Gardner
Just got the mount in and put on my bow. I can’t even describe to you how please I am with it! You guys knocked it outta the park with this. Feels sturdy enough to hold a boat anchor off the side! -Chad Ohern   
Absolutely, positively the best built side bar mount I’ve ever used. This thing doesn’t have teeth so it can be put in any position imaginable, yet holds with even 20+ ounces of weight on the bar. -John Price   
 It has to be the best mount I’ve used. Very solid and does NOT move. It’s very accurate and the screws are in right place for adjustments. My precious bee stinger mount was a pain. Kept moving. This one is great. I highly recommend it. -PLIM 
Best rear stabilizer mount made today. Seriously. I've been around the competition archer scene long enough to have tried almost every mount out there. This is the smoothest to adjust, strongest hold of anything out there. Also, it won't rotate where it mounts to the bow because of the way it's made. Very well thought out. Very well done. -Mary Beth Vanderwier
Absolutely positively the best built side bar mount I've ever used. This thing doesn't have teeth, so it can be put in any position imaginable, yet holds with even 20+ ounces of weight on the bar. Quick detach works as expected and is a fantastic feature on a mount of this price. Quality materials and well worth the money. -Eric C.

I have multiple mounts and they are the best I have ever used! -Heath Carr

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