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  • NEW Compact, Sleek Design
  • NEW Stronger Positive-Locking Double Clamp System
  • NEW Stronger Hardware
  • Engraved Easy To Read Marking Lines
  • Vertical And Horizontal Adjustment To Any Angle
  • Built In Quick Disconnects (Barrel Nuts Included)
  • CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Anodized Finish
  • Hardware Included
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

Weight: 8.50 oz


Compatible with all bow models that have a threaded hole in rear of riser (must follow below steps also for compatibility)

The thread in riser must be 5/16-24 threaded

The rear bow riser must be flat where the mount attaches to bow and not be more than 1 3/8" wide

This mount also mounts to front of bow with additional hardware

Still not sure if your bow is compatible? Shoot an email to with your bow model information


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Liam Boyle
Best Mount That No One Talks About

I've been using the Ultimate Rear Vbar for sometime now and it's dead set brilliant.

This does what exactly what you need it to do. Mount and be stable!

By utilising a double clamp (I.e. all major axis movement has its own dedicated clamp around a cylinder), the mount not only locks down extremely well without excessive tightening, but you can also tighten to the sweetspot that still allows you to micro adjust your placement. Alternatively, you can very easily have macro adjustments by loosening the clamp to the desired point.

Maximum long term stability with effectively 0 wear and tear!

Another simple but great inclusion are the side loaded QD barrels. At face value this seems simple but in practice they are an efficient way to secure stabilisers. Often top loaded barrels without additional features are significantly more likely to vibrate loose which is sup-optimal, especially throughout a tournament.

Jason Cockrum
Ultimate v bar mount.

I have a single rear mount I have used for a couple years and love it.I have a V2 sight and scope and both could not be built /machined better.The bar mount is no exception I'm a big fan of your products.the issue I have with the v bar is that it didn't fit the rear of my wasn't a big deal was going to send it back and get somthing that fit but was told I would be sent a part so I could run it off the front of my bow free of charge.i recieved that part and it was for a single bar and I was trying to set up a vbar.i emailed back and informed that I could still not use this part because it's not for a vbar.i then got an email back asking me to return every thing I was sent and I would be sent a front v bar mount.I emailed back asking if I could just purchase the part I needed to go off the front and still have not got a response.I really like your products bit I'm not sure about your service although this is the first time I have had an hopeful it was just a time deal. Thanks,Jason

pete coldagelli
Ultimate Rear V-Bar Mount

Another product built with quality machine work. As a retired Tool & Die maker I appreciate good design and quality machining. I put this on my new Mathews Lift 33 and did have to put a spacer between the mount and the riser to accommodate for the width of the riser.

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